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Effective Fall 2013

Submission of official composite ACT or SAT scores is a requirement for admission and registration for incoming freshmen students. New freshmen will not be able to register for classes if scores are not received.

Your score will be used for the following

  • Placement into your first-year English and math classes

    If you have not taken college entry-level English and math classes, your test scores will be used for placement into your first-year classes.
  • Scholarship Consideration

    If you would like to be considered for merit-based scholarships, we will need your official test score report sent from the testing agency.
  • Admission Decision

    If you do not meet the high school GPA requirements for admission to UNLV, your test scores may qualify you to be admitted. See the freshmen admissions requirements for more details. If you do not meet the minimum admission requirements and you choose to petition the Faculty Senate Admissions Committee, we will need your official score report from the testing agency.

Transfer students who have completed college-level math and English courses are not required to submit test scores; however, it is highly recommended.

School Codes

When you take the ACT and/or SAT test, use the following school codes to send your scores directly from the testing agency to UNLV.

  • ACT: 2496
  • SAT: 4861

ACT Residual Exam

UNLV Testing Services, which is located at the Division of Educational Outreach Paradise Campus, offers the ACT Residual Exam. If you have not taken the SAT or ACT, if you're looking to increase your score, or need updated scores for placement into an appropriate course, visit the UNLV Testing Services website to register. Please note that residual exam scores are good at UNLV only and will not be recognized by other institutions.

Minimum Scores

The following minimum scores are required for placement in English and mathematics courses:
English: ACT English score of at least 18 or a SAT Critical Reading score of at least 500.
Mathematics: ACT Math score of at least 22 or a SAT Math score of at least 500.