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Freshmen Requirements

If you have graduated or will graduate from an accredited or approved high school and do not have transferable college credits, you may fulfill the following admission requirements to be admitted to UNLV.

  1. Have a weighted 3.0 grade point average (GPA) in the following high school academic units:
    • English: Emphasis on composition; rhetoric; and American, English, and world literature: 4 years
    • Mathematics: Algebra or higher level mathematics, including first- and second-year algebra, geometry, analytic geometry, trigonometry, precalculus, probability and statistics, and other advanced mathematics: 3 years
    • Social Science: Examples of acceptable courses include, but are not limited to, world history, geography, U.S. history, economics, government, and law: 3 years
    • Natural Science: Examples of acceptable courses include, but are not limited to, biology, chemistry, and physics, with at least two years in a laboratory science: 3 years
  1. TOTAL UNITS: 13
    If you have completed the 13 core high school units listed above but do not have a 3.0 GPA, you may fulfill any of the following admission requirements to be admissible to UNLV.
    • A combined score from the SAT Critical Reading and Math sections of at least 1040, or
    • An ACT composite score of at least 22, or
    • A Nevada Advanced High School Diploma
  1. Submit official composite ACT or SAT scores. New freshmen will not be able to register for classes if scores are not received prior to orientation.

Admission Alternatives

If you do not satisfy the minimum admission requirements for an undergraduate freshman, there are admission alternatives that may make you eligible for admission.